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Figurines and Ornament

At Hidden Treasurez and AVM Furniture we have a huge range of collectible ornaments and figurines ranging from unique and rare pieces to the fun and popular collectables.  Our stock features such well known English ceramic manufacturers as Royal Doulton and Villeroy & Boch as well as some of the lesser known companies, and one of a kind ornaments and figurines.

This page with its huge stock list is the perfect place for collectors and antique figurines enthusiasts to come regularly. As our stock is always expanding, it is worth looking around the website to find any hidden gems, and a specific piece you may have been searching for one week could very well appear in the next.  We endeavour to list as much detail as is possible, along with a photograph, to each of the miniature glass animal figurines, antique animal figurines, and antique porcelain figurines on sale so that you can be sure that what you are purchasing is the exact piece you were looking for.

For anyone looking for some beautiful tall ornaments and figurines to help them furnish and decorate their home, then be sure to check the description details for each individual ornament. There you can find the exact measurements to make sure your new figurine will stand proud and be displayed beautifully in your home.

You can visit the store directly if you feel the need to have a look around.   Just be sure to contact us first so we can make arrangements and have the store open for you to have a good look around.  Our showrooms cover 5,000 sq ft so we have a lot more to offer apart from our lovely figurines and ornaments.  Check out the links to see our pottery, glassware, metal ware and other items.